meditation is everywhere.

Everyone is talking about it. Doing it. Attempting to do it. Or mocking it. Either way, it is in the air.

It is not lie that meditation does wonders for your mind. It really isn’t just a fad. It isn’t just some “hippie” jargon. It really works and it feels really damn good. However, I think what is hard for most people and why many “fail” is because of what they think meditation ‘should’ be.

When you think of meditation, what do you think of? A bald guy sitting on a rock, legs crossed, humming and eyes closed? Or maybe a shit ton of crystals and candles? Well yeah, maybe. But, that is not necessarily what meditation has to be like. I use to think that, too until I realised that meditation is different for everyone and there are many approaches.

For me, meditation is finding time to be still. Finding time to soften my thoughts. This may be 10 minutes one some days, but some days it is just 4-5 minutes. Meditation is just finding a moment to collect yourself. Rebalance yourself. Bring yourself back together. For some, it may be sitting on the floor with your legs crossed. For some, it is walking. Walking meditation is a thing and that may be your way of finding time to soften your thoughts and be with yourself. It could be having a tea or cup of coffee in the morning or evening with no distractions. For some it is just closing your eyes for a few minutes to recalibrate yourself.

I have been meditating for some time now and here are some tips on how to bring meditation or stillness into your life:

-find some time, whatever amount, to be with yourself and your thoughts. Whether it be a short walk alone or sitting in your room in a chair or on the floor with your legs crossed (I sit on the floor on my yoga mat with my back against my bed)

-if you are a beginner, I HIGHLY recommend using an app. That is what helped me and I still mostly use apps for my meditation. I love these: Calm, Headspace, and Smiling Mind (the one I use now)

-do NOT focus on what you think meditation ‘should’ be like. Do not think you have to empty your mind and clear your head. No. No. It is just about detaching yourself from your thoughts and not fixating on them. The apps will help guide you.

-there WILL be days where your mind and body will just not want to mediate. Some days, my mind is racing so quickly and I cannot seem to slow them down. That is okay. That is not a failed meditation. Learn from it. Figure out what is making your mind race and maybe find another way to rebalance, maybe a walk will be better than sitting down.

-mediation is different for everyone and is nothing something that you ‘achieve’. What is important is that you find time to be still, especially in this crazy thing called life. I try to do it every morning after my yoga practice right before I run to class. It helps me start the day with a softer mind.

Try it? Maybe? :)