Creamy Chickpea Mash


I love chickpeas. I reallllly do. They are so versatile. Hummus, in a sandwhich, in a curry, taste wonderful mixed with different spices and they make you feel good, rich in K and A vitamins! 

Now, I do not know if many of you have this experience, but do you remember in school and smelling when someone had a tuna sandwich? Ick. It sticks and that smell carries with you the whole rest of the day. This recipe solves that issue. The flavor is there and hey, if you're trying to eat more plant-based foods, this is a good way to incorporate that! I'm not telling you to get rid of your tuna sandwich, but why not give this a try? You can have in in a sandwich, with some greens like spinach or with some potatoes. I really like this with this amazing toasted beet bread(I mean, PINK bread. No added colors, just natural from beets!) that is pictured above or with mashed sweet potatoes. :) 

This recipe is easy and cheap to make especially if you make your own mayo. I can make a recipe for that later on the blog! 



1 can of chickpeas

1/4 cup or 60 grams vegan mayo (or regular if you'd like) 

1 tbsp or 1 spl dijon mustard

1 big stalk green onion

2-3 tbsp or 2-3 spl fresh dill

1 tbsp or 1 spl raisins or dried cranberries (optional, but nice addition) 

1 tbsp or 1 spl crushed walnuts or any nut/seed you like (again optional, but adds a nice crunch) 

salt and pepper to taste 

Other ideas: cayenne pepper for some spice, splash of balsamic vinegar for more richer flavor, parsley instead of dill or use both, shredded nori sheets for some umami flavor would be divine, etc. This recipe is very adaptable! :) 


1. Get a medium sized bowl. Drain the chickpeas and put them in the bowl. Now, if you have a potato masher, use THAT to mash the chickpeas until most are broken down, but still chunky. If you do not have one, you can use your hands. It's more fun this way ;)

2. Add all the ingredients and any other optional things you'd like. Be creative. Use my recipe as a base.  

3. Add to your favorite bread with other veggies, extra mayo or mustard or with anything else you'd like. 

4. Devour :) 

If there is anything you'd to see a recipe for on the blog, let me know! 


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