A complete mess.

My heart beats through my chest. 

My hands quiver and turn weak.

My legs want to give. 

I am a mess. 

My words slip.

Nothing makes sense. 

My voice becomes timid. 

I am a mess. 


My thoughts run rapidly. 

Everything seems like too much. 

Everything feels out of grip,

slipping from my hands like sand.

I am a mess. 


Sometimes it feels like there is no direction,

questions suffocate me, "am I doing enough?" 

My feet ache from all the movement,

from here to there,

from there to here

I am a mess. 


Sometimes my worries speak louder than my confidence 

My anxiety hugs me tighter than the love I have for myself

My negativity vibrates rather than my bold affirmations 

But, am I really a mess? 


I wake up each day with good intentions.

Most days I grab life right by the reins,

I take a deep breath to calm my heart

Sometimes when nobody is looking,

I close my eyes and think to myself

"This too shall pass". 

I think I have come to realize that 

Being a mess can sometimes be a wonderful thing. 

Things are shifting. 

Things are balancing. 

Things are coming. 

Things are leaving. 

It is a moment of change. 


Your heart may ache, 

 Your mind may be pounding endlessly,

And you may feel like a mess. 

And maybe you are, but so am I. 

And, if you are, you are the most incredible mess I have ever seen.

and I want you to close your eyes right now and tell yourself this:

"I am whole, I am me, I am a complete mess, but I am capable of tearing mountains apart with the power I have."