This is Me.

The grey mist falls from the sky like a heavy blanket of emotion.

The sun is not gone only lingering behind not far.

Creating a scene of stillness.

An inspiration of mindfulness breathes into you.

Not of sadness or pain, but of mindful thoughts.

Days like this are reminders to turn inwards.

To ourselves.

“Be still’ the day says.

You create such vibrating energy each day.

An energy that gives the day life.

An energy that the universe is so grateful for.

But now, the universe is giving back.

“Cover yourself” the day says.

Take the grey and nestle deep inside.

Find a place of nurture and warmth.

Find the energy and give it to yourself.

You need it so much.

“Do I deserve it?” you say.

Thoughts flood your mind.

Thoughts that make the blanket feel suffocating.

What is self-care?

What is self-love?

How do I give that to myself?

Something that you give out so much, yet only partial wisps make it back to yourself.

“Close your eyes” the day says.

You are hesitant and doubtful.

What could such a simple gesture do?

What if you drift off into bad memories?

“Think of the deep glow of the sun as it rises and sets” the day says.

You begin to create this image in your mind.

While you can’t see it, there is a smile emerging from the corners of your lips.

The colors beam behind your eyelids.

The glow begins to trickle lower.

It begins to fill you.

“That’s your energy” the day says.

The glow fills your fingertips.

It fills your toes.

It fills your heart.

It fills the smallest parts of you and hugs your soul.

You realize that this is all it takes.

It takes a mere moment of stillness and a moment to close your eyes.

It is in this moment you can create any energy you want yourself.

The power is all within you.

“This is you” the day says.

“This is me” you reply.