The Countryside.

I was studying outside on Sunday and couldn’t help but pause to write this. If you’re wondering what the Estonian countryside feels like, this is it.


The sun creates a blanket on me as I sit on the bench.

The breeze brings the sweet, sweet smell of cake from inside the house.

Sounds of birds fill my ears,

Vibrancy is awakening,

Clouds are clearing.

The dogs run about, stopping by each person and sharing love and sniffs.

Everyone bears a soft smile on their faces,

Because it’s time again to go back to where we feel whole.

This place gives what day to day life can’t,

True peace and balance within one’s self.

The worries simmer rather than roar,

The sky and nature become the world’s best television show,

And those birds, are the soundtrack.

This is a place to reset, to enjoy, to forget what does not serve you,

And to remind yourself how beautiful the world is when we aren’t rushing about.

We all look at each other with more kindness here,

We fill conversations with less frustration and more laughter.

This place is a safe place for our minds and souls,

It holds us tenderly as we go about.

This place inspires and motivates us,

But, this place also lets us finally..just be as we are.

This place will always be home,

Our countryside home.