More than straight lines.

Yesterday, when we were driving home from my brother’s swim meet, we dropped by this little restaurant that looked like nothing more than a deli. We walked in to find out that they specialized in mediterranean food. If you have read my post on my hummus recipe, you’ll understand my love for that particular cuisine. After we ordered our food, we sat down and waited since we were taking it to go. As I was tapping my fingers on the table, staring out the window, a man from behind the counter started walking towards me. He grabbed a chair, put it close to me, sat down and smiled and asked “So, what brings you to Wichita?” This started a whole conversation and I came to find out he was the owner of the restaurant. He was from Lebanon and has three kids. Instead of small talk, we talked about the ways of the world, my life and studies in Europe, and other things. We jokingly agreed that we would open up a joint business with my wellness/yoga center and his restaurant right next door. Yoga and falafels? My perfect life.

The point of all this is that life is so much more than straight lines. I could have came in, ordered, taken my food, and left. That would have been the most efficient, wouldn’t it have been? We probably could have been home 30-40 minutes sooner maybe. However, it isn’t always about what is the most efficient or what gets you from point A to point B the fastest. After we got our food and left, he thanked us and said it was such a pleasure to talk to us. I began opening the containers of the food and the smell was divine. The falafels were the most aromatic and flavorful falafels I have ever had. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out the mysterious spice that was lingering in each bite. No, I won’t share my secret yet, I’ll create a recipe for the near future for the blog.  However, something I noticed was that I enjoyed that meal so much more than if I would have just been handed the food. I kept thinking of the authenticity and passion that went behind the food, the owner, his kindness, and other things.

The food and conversation filled my soul.

Lately, I have been trying to focus on things that feed the soul. Something I am still working on in my recovery three years later. That meal gave me such positive vibes that I couldn’t stop smiling. My stomach and heart were so full of goodness.

THAT is living.

While we were there in Wichita, I found this amazing coffee shop called “Reverie.” Thank goodness for the internet and Yelp. I had very little expectation for Wichita, I am not going to lie. For one, it’s in Kansas. And second, it’s practically in the middle of Kansas. It’s bad to judge a place before you actually go there, I know, but I’m not perfect and still make assumptions. This place, and a lot of Wichita, took me by surprise. The name “Reverie” is of French origin and I decided took look it up while I was there and here are the definitions that I got:

Definition of reverie

plural: reveries

1:  daydream

2:  the condition of being lost in thought

I smiled and happened to look up and notice on the wall was written in large black letters “REVERIE” and the definition followed with something like: the state of being lost in one’s own thoughts. I looked around and noticed that, unlike many coffee shops, many people were not on there laptops or their cell phones. People were actually TALKING to each other. I have nothing against working from a coffee shop or just browsing the web while sipping a good cappuccino, but the way everyone seemed so relaxed and happy with just conversation, was beautiful. I felt so odd browsing through my phone while there were streams of conversation dancing and intertwining with the scent of coffee in the air. A complete ying and yang atmosphere. As opposed to grabbing a coffee and going to your next destination in a very direct manner, there was an ebb and flow of lively curvature that filled the space.

THAT is living.

Again, nothing against being on the go. Everyone has those moments where things are rushed and there isn’t much time to linger, but the more I watch people and learn about peoples’ lives, I realize that there are a lot of ‘straight lines’, but no living. I’ve been living almost 2 years in Estonia and I’ve noticed that people have a more relaxed and ‘curvy’ approach to life. I’m not saying that people don’t have goals, are lazy, and just meander around all day, but they approach life much more gently and are not afraid to take different paths or slow down if needed.

It may seem like I’m just rambling with all this, but what I am trying to get at is that the more I experience life off the straight lines and more on the curvy dirt paths, the more I feel like I’m actually living. I always remember my high school years, having this straight path of what my life was going to be like, I am SO far from that path. I sometimes wonder if things would have been easier then, maybe they would have, but I DO know that my life is a lot fuller and vibrant this way. I would be graduated by now and have my college degree in my hand. However, there are so many more goals I have for myself now then I ever had. I could look at all the side streets I took instead of the straight paths, but those straight paths were not working for me. The direct way is not always the best way. I have these goals, but I am in no rush to complete them. I don’t want them to just be things I check off my list, I want to organically achieve them in the most creative and enriching way. I want to fall down, I want to get lost, I want to start over, I want to mess up, and I do not want the straight line. Give me the biggest curves and dips because to me that is living.

I want to share some of my goals with you guys that I wrote this morning in my journal. Take some time to write down your goals, but make it a challenge to get there in the more indirect way. Make it your own. Get frustrated and lost. Follow an unbeaten path. Stop and take a detour.

Life Goals:

-Open my own wellness center/business

-Write a book

-Create my own kombucha brand

-Give a TED talk

-Travel to all the continents

-Get my yoga teaching certificate


What are your life goals? Are you willing to take the side roads and get lost a little? I sure am.

Good vibes to you all.