Bad Days.

You know those days where no matter what you do, nothing feels right? You feel like the world is out to make you feel miserable? Your body feels gross, your mind is a chaotic storm of thoughts, and you feel cemented between two walls? This may not be your version of a bad day, but this is mine and it has been like this for the past several days. People talk about bad days, but what about bad weeks? I started feeling like something was wrong with me, but today I finally came to the conclusion that I have to accept that this is completely OKAY and normal. I feel like we live in a world that tells us that feelings such as anger or sadness are "bad" feelings. I actually looked up what "bad" means in the dictionary and the definitions I got were along the lines of "wicked", "harmful", and "inaccurate." I got quite a laugh out of this because in relation to sadness, anger, and other "bad" feelings, this definition does NOT fit. Sure, anger can be harmful, but is it always harmful? I don't think so. If people always reacted in a wicked or harmful way when they were angry or sad, this world would be a lot darker. As humans, I think we naturally want to group or categorize things whether it be people or emotions, but since when is the world or life so black and white? I have this concept still ingrained in me, but I have over time realized that life is a spectrum of grays and in-betweens. So, we have to think of emotions the same way. Sadness is not a bad thing and nor is anger. They are simply emotions as are happiness and excitement. They deserve to be felt just as much as all the others. Crying is just as important as laughing. We grow up thinking we need to shove those other feelings down and try to be happy ALL the time, but when you really think about it, what kind of life is just happiness all the time? Being sad can be a beautiful thing, tears can flush away unneeded worries, anger and rage can unlock hidden pains that have been pent up inside. Those emotions can be just as healing or even more so. So, this goes to anyone who feels stuck, upset, anger, or anything that is deemed "bad." My mom told me something wonderful the other day and it will stick with me forever. She told me she bought a plant the other day and said it would represent herself. She would water and take care of it like it was her. One day the weather got really, really hot and the plant began to crumble and die. However, she kept watering it every day despite it looking like it given up. Then, one day, the weather got better and the plant began to grow new buds and bloom. The moral of this? We are like that plant, no matter what happens, we always have to keep watering ourselves, taking care of ourselves, being kind to ourselves, and letting ourselves feel what it is we need to feel. Whether it is a day or even a week, embrace it and feel it deep in your bones and I promise you will bud again and grow from that dead pile of leaves.

Healing vibes your way, always.