Being a Woman.

You look at yourself in the mirror and it begins.

You pick at your face and poke your tummy.

You suck air into your lungs hoping your ribs will show.

You turn at different angles and think maybe you look decent from at least one,

but you don’t.

There’s pain in your eyes, but it’s a familiar kind of pain.

You know it so well.

This is being a woman.

You live vicariously through others, comparing your life, and feeling worthless.

I have accomplished nothing.

Yet, you work so hard and have dreams bigger than the clouds.

This is being a woman.

You have so many emotions that you are ashamed of, ashamed of having the capacity to feel so much.

At the the slightest sign of discomfort or uncertainty, you apologize repeatedly.

Apologizing for your presence.

This is being a woman.


It doesn’t have to be.

Being a woman is looking in the mirror with kindness.

Smile warmly, after all the negative things you tell your body, it still works for you.

Thank the universe for having a beautiful vessel to carry your soul wherever you go.

Being a woman is realizing that spending your whole life comparing it to someone else’s is a waste of your own.

Be inspired or at least understand that there is so much more you do not know.

Someone could have a life you’ve only dreamed of, but they cry themselves to sleep every single night.

Being a woman is embracing the beauty that is FEELING.

Feeling so much it vibrates in the depth of your bones and shakes you.

Feeling allows you to connect and understand.

Feelings are the colors of life.

Apologize no more for merely your presence or being. Never.

Because that…

Is being a true woman.